When I had long finished a picture, which I made for my living room a very good friend of mine - Jürgen - came along and I discussed the nude and sexual explicit content shown in that subject with him, because of some rearrangements I had to make in my apartment for I wanted to hang out the shingle of my counselling profession there.
I spoke out the obvious homo-sexual in- and output of the whole visual concept, something, that I have to my own surprise never been discussing with Jürgen before. Although this matter of fact has always been an important and a very natural part of most of my paintings and pictures, this was the very first time, that I asked someone at all about their different possibilities of being behold and my thoughts about that someone could be offended, since of its theme and perceive it as porn.
Jürgen listened to me and then finally said,"Sorry darling, but I cannot see any pornography at all in this picture!"

Hearing his statement was funny as it seemed wise to me too.
Now I came to a point of view in discerning male nudity and male-male sexuality, but also other forms of published and performed sexuality, as being an integral issue of modern times. This hit the peak in using sexuality as a tool to make other things concrete and valuable, what is a commonly and cheaply handled matter.
Just think about some advertisements, that you can easily see daily.
I do not want to argue about this fact, because I am convinced to find you informed about it.
Or - if not - just go tripping on your imagination and feelings you have by watching such pictures.

Nudity has always been a case of high interest in arts throughout the centuries, though it was interpreted as a shame and an ideal both at once.
So it was tricky and became anyway a bad reputation.
We can still experience our preoccupied opinions according to that.
Beauty and aesthetics were caught up to this whole plot to carry us across, but what for?
The increased tension, which even got the character of total numbness, was not erotic at all, because of its cruel and dastard character. It became marbly, though it was pretending to be not. It was brutal in its persuading ways to make us believe, that it was going for some meaningful ideals and most of the gay men and many humans of other sexual orientations - even the heterosexuals - where lured on to destruction.
Prostitution, porn movement and the nudist spirit, which shall herby include all other forms of progressive developments referring to that - even the Renaissance - freed us from sensual disaster and made it a political one.
Nevertheless even that efforts to fight philistinism are determined by the rules and I know a lot of examples going very rudely and tedious to the utmost bottom of sexuality to make some sense at last, as we find ourselves placed into a wide range of bringing up sexual action, besides just having it, that can on the other hand also show up in damnably banal rituals.

Sex starts with a serious erotic and sexual attraction, which is located for each one of us at a different level of attention.
Excitement and lust want to be triggered by something that you have to name.

The men appearing in my photos, or in my videos are full of desire, ready to be captured on film and to be seen by an audience.
For some the sexual action was started with a friend they brought with them, for some desire lit with their lovers and their wanting to show their sexual and tender fondness of each other, others jerked off for some other reasons, maybe because I made them hot.
As I directed them, I found exactly this, for each man very special, motivation being the most important matter to focus on.

I find my sexuality as a homosexual, BDSM- orientated and gender bending one, well balanced and in close combination with my ways of aesthetics and my forms of artistic expression.
It is the body itself and its movements, which I am describing.
Therefore an even total abstract approach to that can be an erotic one.
It is the human range of being and its blossoms, which I am tearing to stage.
Therefore it is of high interest to let sexuality come out and to unite it also with other social and simply existing manners of behaving.

Many people I meet - many homosexual men included - are on one side shocked about my ideas of presenting gay sex, but on the other side they are completely involved in its practical implications. My works are leaning against a cultivated tradition of showing homosexuality and they are making ways of living it and their emotional, sexual and intellectual powers visible and turn them into fuels of communication, whether this is of an emotional, a sexual or an intellectual impact.

Porn as a category of selling performed lust is something we all know; Most of the time we separate these private shows of voyeurism to get clean with social morals or our own ones.
Porn for the sake of porn, or of horniness is something that we have all been enjoying very far from any second thought, that we might put ourselves through afterwards the climax.

This erotic absorption, education, its demands and how they altogether affect the individual and the gay scene in their ways of being a role model- lifestyle has never been questioned.
In fact it seems that the end justifies the means, moreover gay porn was until now apparently reliable in its unwritten rules and its articulately visible logic of the contents.
In the meantime many and complex things have been taking place, a lot of events have been rightly so tried and simply done.
Freedom, the civil rights debate and the politics of the Sixties, the aesthetic bacchanal and the fair appearence of the Seventies had been seen and constructed differently by the queer eye, than it was important and righteous in the Eighties in form of ActUp! and the use of condoms and it lateron happened to be relevant to the gay clubbing-scene in the Nineties of the Twentieth century as a global celebration of life.
But what now?
In an multiple and often misunderstood, experimental space of independence, or in an at least as being independant fantasised vacuum of self- responsibility, but also in a present state of joined liability?
Get into a crisis, shit on everything, stay cool, act modish or show everybody the ropes?

In any case it shows, that these ideas of freedom and of politics, of aesthetics, of spree, of condom awareness and of lively party are still at a great rate in the young third millennium.
Referring to that, it is no wonder, that Safer Sex became even in porn industry a lip service, many producers and actors are ranting erotically in this trade and often there cannot be found in this connection any more experienced reality, that can be also lived to see.

Homosexuality as a center of queer identities slips completely, what remains are the imaginations of others, which have to be satisfied by some means or other.
In his holistic and real life the gay guy seems to be annoying the gay porn.
The foils of male same-sex erotic, if they are not conforming in a dull or crude way, are omitted at the same time, thereby all emotions slip away too, personal possibilities of completion are exchanged for final promises.
Not without cause homosexual skin-flicks are nowadays generally ending with gang bangs, which are trying to evoke lost love to just slate it and to suppose that there is no tomorrow at all.
But this is primarily devaluating the pleasures of anonymous sex, before it touches gay love at all.
What I truly find deplorable.

Motion pictures and in the broader sense a society, which is taking sex without any relationship to ease the whole other distress and is yet considering maximum profit with that way of acting, does neither demonstrate respect for the ones, who get mashed therefore, nor other emotional and idealistic aspects.
Thus it is important to rethink and to well define.

It is okay to show and to watch sex, what´s at first up for discussion is the variety of information, which is either long before shooting, or during the cutting of the film totally rearranged, to imagine in reality fundamentally given circumstances as fiction.
This has nothing to do with an essential effect of filmmaking itself. It is more about the subconsciously or intentionally made message of the movie itself.
Hence barebacking-porn is very traumatic. Since the simply existing negative, destructive parts of any form of sexuality are put without sense to the gifted and affectionate sides of sex. It is all about quota, not sex.
CIR takes a firm stand for first hand gay erotic experience.
Sexual exploitation can therefore never be the last word to be spoken in this regard.

You can be a gay lover, a gay activist, a male homosexual prostitute, or all at once on your journey looking for definition, love, sex or civil rights, or while you hit the road as you are longing for having all of that at once.

This has become possible since the gay community has in the past achieved a lot, as it is in the present successfully fighting for essential standards and the gay liberation movement is nowadays passing itself on to the next generations and handing down its very own historiography more than it has ever been possible before.
Think over your personal aims in life, the risks you are consciously willing to take and the consequences that will occur.

I hope, that you will not get confused too much, while you are traveling your path of life, unless it is a necessity for your discussion and your ingenious sharing of the benefits of our times!