With "YOU NAME IT" I was looking for creating very consciously a hardcore-section within CIR. CIR itself stands as a whole for creative expression and erotic. This part here shall moreover make you especially hot and offer you delicate possibilities of satisfaction.

So if you can´t keep yourself from wanking your dick till you reach your climax and you then ejaculate your cum, while watching the caustic pictures and videos, I will sense this as a true compliment for the concept of the entire site.

Some of the videos or picture-galleries are also part of digital video-discs listed above within "VIDEO-CIRCUS", what happened because of my radical tendency to mix and to publish presentations of gay sex, which are on one side clearly made for erotic stimulation and also on the other hand dedicated to be combined with related themes, with documentaries, filmic essays, performances or clips.

Ready to go for it? Well then, jerk off!

Ahhh, stop, stop, stop! ... What I totally have forgotten to tell you is that the following links are of course subject to approval. Write therefor CIR an e-mail and you will promptly receive a personal password for your instant access.

Well, then ...ready now?