CIR dedicates itself to a global, male and homosexual audience, who arrives sometimes, or constantly kneedeep at gay BONDAGEDOMINANCESADOMASOCHISM, at art and who is in surch for a fine quality of livingand liberty. All the gay men, who can hardly identify with such issues shall nevertheless feel very welcome. Moreover CIR goes especially out to all the stunning fetish-, transgender- and bisexual people on this planet!

CIR also wants to greet all lesbians and all straight folks warmly. Please do not mistake my words at that point, because I truly mean - why not? For we all can learn out of each thing something! Who knows what lots of good the gay scene has already been doing for you, too! And of course vice versa.

Let's be adored ones and let's do adore!
Respect, accept and stay in touch with one another:
Besides all sex and sexes –
we are the love to see us through!


Gay liberation, global enabling of equality of homosexuals and their forms of partnership is a question standing up today in a whole new context, when looking closely at our present situation out in the world. Many states do already support the actual practice of human rights and of real sexual freedom, but on the other side many countries yet refuse brutally to participate in that. Though we are now accustomed to travel and to communicate freely we tend to overlook the often severe and painful situations, which are still going on in some nations according to private and public awareness of gay rights. The people there are very happy about our energetic assistance and bitterly depending on our help for them to go on with their emancipation-process and with their building up of democratic structures. The same thing has to be attested for the international "ACT-UP"-movement and the worldwide strategies in coping with AIDS. As we here do also rely on a social give and take to catch up with our activities, people in foreign nations do need intelligent charity, too.

So if you've already caught fire by now, then go on, raise your voice, act up and get in touch with CIR!
Thanks for your share!


CIR wishes you the best fortune that is within the utmost possible reach on this planet, my dear listeners, readers, lovers, nude models, musicians, couturiers, writers, wankers, actors, screwers, participants, peepers and watchers! Have a rich and meaningful life by fully using its inherent magic!