You have seen all the pictures of naked boys and the colourful paintings of all the nude models here on the page or somewhere else in other magazines and you want to be dressed just the same? Then write CIR your complete desire for being an actor in front of the camera and let’s take some pictures of you! Whatever you feel like, however you want to look like we can make your fantasies come true. Moreover it is not necessary for you to take off any piece of your clothes that you want to keep. Photographs can vary a lot and the message or the erotic appearance of them is often much better staged by overdressing or the perfect fit of a detail. You can look like a porn / star, your self-designed fetish figure, your favourite SM pleasure, a dandy, just like the image of you, that you always wanted to be, or you can let yourself get wrapped up in some strange, but also very familiar script. Don’t just dream your ravery, but live it too! Tell CIR all about your ideas, we will try to realise them and put them on the screen!