As already mentioned, you can forward CIR any video, photo, picture, sound or piece of music of yours at any time under the following conditions:


a) At first I ask you to contact CIR via enamel or phone and to not simply straight on send some of your creative material. The mind of this procedure shall enable us to talk with one another thoroughly in the run-up to any form of publishing to really figure out, how your piece can then be broadcasted on the CIR-site. Any work, which is brought to me without former announcement is going directly into the rubbish bin without having been inspected or noticed at all.

b) An approriate dress code is required for all of the appearing persons and models of your photos, your films or videos. Maybe you should therfor inform yourself about what dresscode is all about.
(--> "THE RULES") This approach should maintain superb quality and assist your creativity and your acquirement of exquisite details, costumes and make-up. Whatever wildness, or shocking styling you achieve to realise your ideas, they will be welcome and in no way censored or changed. CIR is not a place to stand bad or for its aims useless clothing. Exceptions approve the rule. Please match with this guideline and fathom your fantasy, otherwise your pictures and moving images can not be presented here to a fetish and leather audience.

c) CIR has decided to make and publish formal regulations especially for your convenient information to avoid displeasing effects for the site itself as well for you. Please watch your pictures and videos before sending them to CIR closely and think carefully about the legal situation of consensually lived SM to be sure of the correctness of the contents and that you have chosen a fit way way when turning them into real or visual action.

For visual material (foto/film/video) from your side a casting list is required: Names, particulars and proper written agreements about the common consensus of all actually involved persons have to be send per enamel to CIR´s email address before (!) your consigning of your work to the internetsite. Of course all of your thereby transmitted data will be treated confidentially. Please make sure, that you have kept an eye on relevant Copyright and media law. You can inspire yourself a little bit about the referring actual situation by going through CIR´s links --> "NOT ALL FAGGOTS ..." and --> "CHERCHE LE COEUR ...".These articles are not pretending any form of completeness, nor are they purporting to be a legal advice.

d) This procedure and the entire concerning offer can under no circumstances at any time be seen as a request to infringe upon regulations of the law. All forms and possibilities of audiovisual contents presented within the scope of CIR´s internet site are solely and exclusively meant to make for artistic publications, vending and for referable social suits, which are therefor also of democratic concern and merit. CIR supports cultural diversity and mutual appreciation.

You have been informed clearly by this announcement, that all other actions, or any forms of contravention against the above said and its wider legal implications, have at no time been directly, or indirectly been initiated, wanted or justified by the CIR- internet site, by its matters or by its operator.

This article is not purporting to be a legal advice.

Thanx for your attention, understanding and cooperation!