Whereto? - To ask this question in this context at all can only have one sense to avoid getting into an art critic´s, a never ending discussion, or into the lechery of censorship, what art is or could be. A question, that is often used to just talk any artistic meaning to death and to simply streamline the personal thrill.

Well, nevertheless art vitally also has to be the complete contrary of all the above mentioned, but don´t let yourself get too messed up by now.
Discuss and think about wherto art is and what it could be, to define your view and your opinions referable to cultural and social boundaries and achievements.
It is particularly you, who is challenged by these matters and it is you, who can be a challenge for our society and for its institutions all in at the same time.

For the ground breaking of this page art shall be seen as an activity of mankind to capture the human existence and its environment to concentrate and to transform both within its scope of techniques and methods to cause insight and adventure about their reasons, art itself and its basic principles.

It is not a question of forms of competition, for their origin is found in different coherences, like mythic or economic propaganda.
Here, right now, within this definition, it does not matter, who is doing what kind of art for whom whenever.
If you do your thing, you therefor know why you do it, or you simply just do not, or you just don´t do it. (What I nowadays presume to be an act of artistic expression too.)

Also it is not placed at the disposal to talk hereby about success or genius, since these things are part of hap or reckoning and hence relative and irrelevant, when it comes down to find out more about the quintessence, the already mentioned artistic coming to its very own conclusions.
This research for ideas, artistic concepts and its creative realisation is thoroughly what CIR constitutes to then breed and to perform his original works.

Well, then, live your love!