At first sight "A Time With ..." appears to be a cinematic documentary consisting of various interview-settings. Nevertheless it is also a subtle motion picture made out of several impromptu dialogues and various scenes of some theatrical meaning. Where are the boundaries of fact and fiction intertwining? Where can imagination and truth be clearly seperated?
Throughout that you might experience another deeper level, which could be pointed out as a meditation over the limitations of time itself.
Everything is changing. - Today´s pleasingly presented news are tomorrow´s old hats, aren´t they? And if so, what will remain? What are our concepts of eternity nowadays?
Which one of our wishes will be left to destruction and what of them is going to last at all? To what extent do we communicate tradition and innovation that way? Especially within the context of the gay community?
And our sometimes being or wanting to be apart from it?

Right here and now you can watch pieces of the current assembling of "A Time With ... Part 1", which is all about fine arts and culture, life itself, the social ideas of the seven headliners and their intimate queer plans for the future. It became a fascinating, a funny, but also a very fragile portrait, that will especially enchant all those connoisseurs and bon vivants of the gay scene, who are quite aware of what is going on around them in situ. The pictures are displaying a movie that is full of charming and biting reality and that became scintillatingly witty due to the performers´ ambition and their courage.

In Friendship. In Memory. In Compassion. In Experience. And in Love.