Five Mystic Unions

To begin with something means to follow the underlying joy of life itself and of being alive.
Even if the subsequent side effects can be rapidly ennerving. Choices and decisions have to be made, wonderful abundance is in danger to become worn out by tacky details. But ... each start proves the aim and makes the energy of enthusiastic imagination worth every second of sleepless nights.
Visions, mind-boggling challenges and sudden opportunities can match or wrestle with the powers of personal confidence, technical know-how and will.
Often we have only vague ideas about how our plans are going to work out and more often we just don´t care at all. Nevertheless the goal is yet a part of the first step.
That is what I got aware of, by doing these works.
And how often have I been very close to giving up and throwing it all away. Not too often, but in case it was a terrible bad thing to undergo. These processes of being completely turned inside out, let me see, that is of vital importance to break through the blanket of depression and to not shy away from sad feelings and at the same time to just not mistrust the forces of optimism and creativity. Live out what is in you. Make something out of it all. Just go on and share your thoughts, the glorious and the unexpected.
Even those, which are of full of uncertainty and of doubt, which nobody wants to hear.
Admit yourself to your self and you will be on your way again.

1.) "C-INTRO 1 - Frames & Faces-MIX" (16:30)
CIR´s intro wants to welcome you fast as the wind and to swirlingly show you around. Just be surprised and amazed of what you see - and of what you get.

2.) "Pink Rose" (12:00)
It is pure melancholy, true hope, inflaming resistance and a piece over the eternal light, that shines in each one of us.

3.) "Under the Rainbow – Dance!" (19:50)
After pain and mourning, love can rise again. Amor invictus.
Well then, let´s dance under the rainbow!

4.) "The Nature Of Love" (34:59)
In a small town near Vienna there existed a promenade out of ancient trees, a little creek and woods, that have been chopped and erased to give way for another main road. It was a sanctuary for natural spirits and mystery in the middle of busy workday and daily distraction. Some time ago I was walking down this path together with my first gay lover on the evening of our initial rendez-vous to my parent´s
house to kiss in the still of the night. 17 years later I returned to this place to capture these movements of time on film. The landscape of the nearby river Danube became a stage to me, where I set myself to
make up for my memories and my visions of Christian love and sacred paganism to express my view of post/modern days and of eternal feelings in a performance. Hey me, hey you, where do we go at all?
Perhaps the most delicate questions of this piece.

5.) "Wherever & Whenever Part 1" (16:07)
Come with me to a gallery of strange and unusual pictures. Wherever, whenever and whoever you are.
Just live your fantasies and dreams!