The recording of "M.O.B." aka "The Monsters Of Bliss" took place, when I was at a radical turning point of my life and I realised, that I was no longer breaking up, but breaking apart.
I found myself full of vague, but nevertheless threatening emotions of anger, lost hopes but also compassion and affection too.
The terror of the daily TV-news and the evidentially going on situation of blank violence and egomaniac blindness on this planet silenced me on one side and on the other made me want to scream the shit out aswell. I felt twisted and caught to do something.
With "Pink Rose" - my video-meditation over the atrocities of the 3rd Reich and the history of the Pink Triangle, the story of "Blackout", which is an optical essay to come closer to the terms of existence and nothingness and the wordrap "Deeper Red" I began demonstrating my inmost concerns referring to the gay scene and its being a part of what we call our society. "M.O.B." then became much more personal and intimate and was groundbreaking for me to be able at last to open up myself towards the meaning of presence and the future again, without denying or disregarding the past nor gloryfying it.