You are now going to listen to a very special mix of a track I called "Discourse", which I made precisely for this CD. During the putting together of the files, I decided to redesign the prototype version of this song completely and I finally even added a voice-line to this former totally instrumental piece. Due to this process it has moreover turned out to be the thematic key and it has become an outstanding highlight at the end of this musical round-dance. Maybe you will then all of a sudden like to start with "Viens Avec Moi!" again.

I wish you – and myself of course, too – true fame and fortune, real love and understanding, deep friendship and discussion and lots of sparkling spaces and places of club-, party- and underground-culture for our sensual, emotional and intellectual stimulation!

"To the Children of the Night – Pour les Enfants de la Nuit – Den Kindern der Nacht"

Christopher Intensity

PS: Within the afterwards directly following link-menue of "SOME MORE C-OUND" you can also experience the full-version of this track, which is hopefully bringing you into a "Whipping Kisses" mood. The connection of lust and ritual as an important part not only of SM-sexuality has inspired me quite a lot while doing this song-job.
Have fun, take care!