"All Dressed Up Dolls" aka "Fashion" has been created to give the sonic background of a public performance and to be part of a documentation-video. The thrusting beat and the sensual dynamic are speaking for themselves and are inviting you to do a spontaneous catwalking just right now wherever you are. So just don't repress yourself!
Hecticness, vogue and all your personal ideas concerning this matter altogether with eccentricity and Zeitgeist make the whole thing tasty: What remains is the tension between depth and flippancy and of course some "Promised Sex" will be always in style.

Especially at this point I also clearly want to demonstrate my resistance against those social habits, which everyone seems to simply do or at least pretends to go somehow conform with. The question for an anti-culture – today this may be some kind of an anti-lifestyle thing – is still absolutely not out of fashion. So what, music?