"Pour les Enfants de la Nuit – to the Children of the Night – Den Kindern der Nacht" has finally become an anthem, a tribute to the party-people and a big surprise – especially to me. Well, I was really never thinking about combining the various sounds that I have brought to life during several years to one concerted story, but in the end the design for this project was frankly breezing, while the concrete realisation drove me nearly nuts. I hope, that the pieces will get exceedingly to you with all of their concentration and drive, as well with their sentimental passages. And on the other side you will perhaps turn out to be totally fond of them. Within the different links you can find some more information about each specific track. For this reason let yourself be simply wowed!

The night, what a wonderful inspiration of our world! It is made for sleeping, for staying up, for straying, for dancing, for meeting other people. A time of wondrous possibilities and chances to drift to dreams and illusions, which can make us feel strangely confused and inescapably entranced at once. The children of the night are to me mythical creatures and also very human. In former times they were strolling in fickle costumes or in tomboyish making-up through mansions, courtyards and taverns and they still do this today in discotheques and clubs. They are visonaries, romancers, bored nerds and demoniacs, quivering and pulsating bodies in the glow of colored lights, moving to stimulating melodies, who do know more than they dare to appear and they often promise also much more, than they will ever be able to keep. Who has never succumbed to their charmes, has been missing something quintessential – that is to say the sputtering and auspicious wit of the party-posse, that there really can be a possible tomorrow of serendipity and freedom for all of us.