LIGHT LOVE DARK consists of dreams, reality and an all interfusing creativity made out of the power of human imagination and love. Questions of cosmic experience are reaching beyond that issue to show up topics of energy and ecstasy, which can also be seen as an universal and permanent metamorphosis of everything. In this process sex plays an important role.
And of course you do too.

LIGHT LOVE DARK is also meant to be a demonstration against all those die-hards to drastically show up what it really means to be up to date. It is important to understand one´s own role in this drama of human minds and hearts.

We - the queer community - haven´t stopped our gay liberation movement and of course we won´t, cos we can go on with our development aswell time travels on ever still.
Perhaps some of us would like to cash in on a completely rootless howsoever new start, while they get caught up in some intriguing meretricious efforts to neglect our past and some of our most important attainments. But it looks like these illusive hopes are going to vanish as we as an integral part of the whole human society have not only already become a component of a worldwide and quite complex social-economic phenomenon, but also got influenced by various other ways of modern life, living and thinking. Of course we have also building them up at the same time.

Along this way we have experienced pain, misfortune and tragedy. But dont forget that we were struggling and doing our best to become physically, socially, psychologically and mentally - even spiritually - free.
All these actions have been happening to let our future clear up and to take our lives in our very own hands. Let´s not just throw everything away now.
It´s a time to remember. Didn´t we do the whole thing for our love, our forms of commitment and our togetherness? And aren´t we still going for such aims, are we?

These entangling, distracting, enchanting but also disruptive and confusing parallels in time and throughout national borders have captured my main interest and I tried to explore them meticulously to then get to know, in which case it would take my complete courage to go for more information and invention. I found that there are generated radically new shades of feelings, that we experience about the deepest human emotions and that we in fact don´t have to be afraid of at all. Feelings of communion and sharingship, feelings of wider love and of giving and taking.

LIGHT LOVE DARK is also about offering and communicating yet unspoken ideas and new concepts of same sex-love, gay sex and partnership and those applied forms of relatedness which do already exist or are at least "among us" as highly aspired affirmations. It is about gay marriage, queer families, but also about swinger-parties, blind dates, bacchanals and friendly party events. Therein you will find stories about weekend-lovers teaming up with poems about very sensual, homosexual love-affairs, that have been full of potential and meaning for all participants. It is also about pain, anger, broken vows, pure eroticism, sheer aesthetics, fulfillment, ecstasy and wisdom. It is all about love.

On one side I have been finding my words in a totally surrealistic manner and on the other side I have been intensly chasing after abstract but also expressive metaphors to figure out both the archaic temper and the high-end moods of the times we apparently live in. Bittersweet and overfull rhymes are countering sware word phrases and scenes of grammatical dissociation. Concepts of Lyric poetry meet actual feelings and ideas.
I'm truly very fond of being now able to enjoy these possibilities and their different implications with you and I dearly hope that you will also appreciate my mystic metaphors.
Go, share them with others!