Words are the keys to our fantasies and to the power of imagination itself. A titel can build the vision of a picture before the inner eye of a painter. A hasty word or an insciption can trigger a symphony. Words can enthuse, inspire and hurt. And often they do so with all of what has not been told or when there was far too much said.

A chronique scandaleuse describes an intimate diary, which is especially meant to remember erotic and sexual adventures. C I R´s "La Chronique S.(candaleuse)" is a bold report and overwhelming poetry at once. Let yourself be elated, inspired and strucked. Some of the stories will be seemingly well known to you or they will be even able catch you by your most heartfelt desires. Like only the fairy tales and legends of your childhood and adolescent could.

"La Chronique S." is also a catalogue raisonné. Not all of them will be online at the same time. You can find the actually exposed book by its specific title posted under the therfor installed link.
I wish you plenty of joy with "Light Love Dark"!