The English language is mundane and there are many reflections and meanings which are bound up with it.
It has of course its special profundities.
After all, English has given the experience of universal articulateness to me.
There is a need in me to talk about what I think and feel and to write it down too.
In school I was learning German, English, Latin and French.
The German language is simply because of my being born in Austria indispensable to me.
This language is stressed today to be used in full range especially by its natives.
It has also shown shades and colors to me, which I want to express with its very own words.

English has become more and more important to me, than I could have ever expected. On one side this happened because of my journeys and my ongoing personal development.
So it became to be my second nature to communicate and to speak.
A lot of ideas and emotions are very exact to me when I set them into English words.

I hope to fill the audience, that is coming across CIR with enthusiasm for this double sided life of me.
You can therfor chose more equally, what you will like to read as the topics vary.
And seen on the long run everything, that is performed in German on this site will go and come around in English too.
Moreover I am very sure, that the pictures, videos and sounds will ship you in their very own ways over to your personal understanding.