Have you lately been visiting a gallery for art and closely looked at its current exhibition?
What kind of show was it? What has been shoen to you there? And how was ist brought to you?
And how did you perceive it?
By walking through the museum of art history in Vienna, which is one of the most famous places of exhibition in the world especially for those objects most people would identify immediately as what art is seen to be all about, I was really shocked when I all of a sudden realized in what kind of terrible horror and outrageous terror cabinet I had come.

No where else in Vienna it is possible to see more images of tormented, crucified and killed bodies than there. At this point I want also abstraction to be seen in a totally different light at all.
Other places to find yourself yet deeper into the drama of emotion and of violence could only be in front of your telly, or if you actually would have to face one of the current battlefields somewhere on this earth in reality.

Mankind is violent by its simple existence.
In conclusion you can clearly see that there is a need in us to reflect our aggressive potential and to develop it like many other things. The first fact to notice is, that we have the ability to make artificial images of the whole problem, as it is done in theatrical acts, especially within the forms of drama and tragedy. The wide spectre of other emotions in these plays shall also be mentioned especially within the context of entertainment, for both are completely entangled with forms of power and vice versa might is interfering with our feelings and their re/presentation.

Objects and artworks are documenting and confronting us with our violent and our emotional being around.
All of this helps us to find catharsis - emotional purification - relief and fixes for our respective questions.
In the meantime we have therefore gathered some knowledge about it.
Violence is a basic possibility of expressing emotions and it is a learned process to interact with the environment and other circumstances. This means that aggression is largely what you make out of it, even if it stands for our helplessness and our fear of going under.
It can help you to clean and to unfold your feelings, or if this is not possible violence can make them become cartridges in a gun. Well, after having got to know this, watch again your regular television program with these kind of eyes. Have a close look at daily situations. Where is your level set, when you yourself start thinking about forms of aggression as a suitable solution? What could you then do against? What could be a real help for you? What would you need in such a situation to relax nevertheless?

Each one of us has a characteristic violent side and each one of us has a certain strategy to deal with it and its possible implications. There may be a gender distinct implementation within a violent act.
So in case of violence each one of us has a very own hand. Sexual and other preferences as well as the inner meaning of what happened will be then able to be perceived in a possibly threatening and maybe irreversible act.
We think and hope that we will never be involved in such a site of crime, but in fact we are connected to a lot of emotional energy aswell to our tought powerlessness towards what is in us, in others and what goes on around. We find ourselves being unable to make a useful step in dealing or exploring such a scene.
Any form of violence needs that astonished and stock-still audience.
As well as the motionless surrounding needs even more of a thrill.
Maybe this is propelling the spiral of infotainment every day.

Victim and committer find themselves struggling with each other like links of a chain and on multiplying, escalating tracks. Even in very caring partnerships. Persons, who have never been put to such kinds of emotional disarray, poisining, retaliation and violence before are suddenly shocked by what is going on in this world. They are set into the happening to build the next chain reaction. We are able to know that because we are all parts of this system. Each one of us is attached to it.
We are the doers and also the ones, who let it pass.

As we are living we all have to get along with different destinies. Things are at some level out of personal coverage and it looks like if we are standing beside it all. But this is a chance to learn something out of the trauma of simply being alive. Violence is connected to both sides of our coin, life and death, so it is not so far off hand to discuss in that case some of the very last meanings. And that is exactly why images of violence are shown here. It is all about discussion. We are made of flesh and blood. We are physical, aswell we are intellectual and we are emotional personalities too.
There is nothing wrong about that. We need to cross the distance between our existences to communicate and to be actually alive. It is existentially important, that we share our emotions and our suits concerning to them and express ourselves therein. If these possibilities are blocked or not available, then violence is becoming a very natural thing. And therefore communication, being alive and feeling well about it are best.
The same indications are given when having sex, for sexual togetherness can also have the character of an encounter. We all have an erotic history we have been going each one of us through the motions of time and of our feelings. It would be short-sighted to think that we are only sweetly getting by in love and relationships. We are looking for fulfilment of our lust and we have to arrange with some limits according to that and with our ways of carrying it all to excess, what causes frustration.

SM is challenging these boundaries and matters not alone in a sensually stimulating way - like gay porn often makes us belief - but rather in a in-depth coming together and learning process, which is again meant to dip to the forces of the soul and to vitalize them. Devices of pressure and of release, of wanting and of letting, of castigating and of appreciation are deliberately appointed and veritably desired by the participants. Hence a total different thing is ever talked about in the conjunction with SM, than with the limned put on record in the following passage.

When ever you find yourself being threatened or discriminated by forms of concrete verbal, emotional or bodily violence then you should be poised to go and talk about it with someone of your trust, whether this is a friend of yours, a professional counsellor or a helpline. Don´t be frightened, if this person may not be giving you an outright correct answer and the deliverance of the pressure you would have required, for he or she may be timid, because of the circumstances. In such a case do not give up, just quit the inapt offer and meet someone else. Look out for some more information to get your thoughts clearer to find your way out of the scenario. Even if you are the one, who is shortly before committing a violent deed.
Give yourself some respect, too. Give yourself some time to think it all over. Feeling rage, fear or passion is mainly a proof for your being a human being. But in such case you are also the one, who can make a real difference of how things develop on this planet. Protect yourself and others as well from having to face criminality or penalty. This does not mean that you have to concede; In fact it is the complete other way round, if you are ready to hold out your interests to pine for your rights.

SM has nothing to do with violence as a brutal and mean form of interpersonal coexistence to stabilise a rotten balance of childish or political immoralities. SM uses aggression as a gas to set an emotional, sexual and intellectual process between consenting adults in motion. The human potential of might must have been invented for that, because thereby it is exceedingly splendid.

In conclusion I want to declare unmistakably, that the volitional act of making violence visible by using theatrical methods and the arts´ creative possibility to make an audience undergo intuitively the therewith produced effect and awareness is a matter of great importance not only to my artistic work.
My techniques to find that course are well placed.

I use video, photographs, sounds, voice and paintings to interpret my special fantasies and emotions I have towards aggression and violence and of course to point out my opinion in this regard and my being influenced daily by the media according to that theme. For that purpose I do item reflect and epitomise within my creations some of the visions and records of people, who I know intimately. To make these stories as images concrete and pieces of art, I use the wide range of theatrical possibilities of expressions and its tools, like costumes, make-up, props, backdrops, facial expression, voice, sound words and gesture, thereto I mould the on film or paper caught pictures by applying cinematic techniques like montage, movement, rhythm, perspective and the free assembling of room and time.

Like the different art forms are related to each other, SM is cognitional to many vital things in our world.
Dresses, personalities and experiences are giving the stage, the roles and the play in the sadomasochistic theatre of emotions, which can be copious or detailed and always going for sexual pleasure, the human condition of being under enforcement and finding relaxation and riddance.

Subsequent to all that I want to use this place here and now to assure you in your enjoyment of the purely fictional substance of the CIR site and that it is in no way meant to be an option, a cheap excuse or a direction to behave criminal or violent. All resemblence with people alive or real occurrences is totally coincidential and unmeant.

CIR wants to root for you to enfold your sensual, creative and social activities and to add these to those of others. SM is in reality often not so easy to live, for it needs a lot of fantasy, an adequate ambiance and discipline, gameness and understanding fellow men. I wish for you good luck and success in the realisation of your desires and of your affection!

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