Whatever kind of information you will need besides the following statement, please see yourself also carefully through the other written and listed declarations of CIR.
-->"The theatre of emotions"

To begin this written announcement I want to cite some of the most commonly used terms of gay, erotic and sexual culture of our days and I would like to make them accessible to you especially from the point of BDSM-view:

-BDSM- is an abbreviation that means Bondage (&Discipline), Dominance (&Submission), Sadism and Masochism to summ up these different, but often strongly combined fields of erotic play.

-BONDAGE- is a way to tighten or to fix the body with special ropes or chains to intensify and to prolong sexual excitement;

-BALL TORTURE- has something in common with BONDAGE for the male genitals are twisted and bound with laces or ropes and moreover stimulated with forms of pain;

-PLEASUREPAIN- means the all together use of painfull and pleasing forms of sexual play;

-DOMINANCE- describes - apart from any BDSM-play - the behaviour and the manners to dominate one another; For that reason role play can be very important. Within the scope of BDSM your fantasy and your deepest needs makes it all finally come alive. So for some some men it has great relevance to be regulated in their speech or in their ways to act, when it comes down to have sex.

-SADISM- is an old and handed down word originating from the Family Name of the French Count De Sade, who was a revolutionary bad landlord in the Eigtheenth Century. This word was used to imagine a personality, that had to torture and to humiliate others to feel good and not because of at that time socially accepted reasons.
(For more information go to --> "LE S. ET LE M.")
Later on it should describe a certain form of psychic disorder, which led people to hurt and finally agonize or kill other human beings or animals with forces of blank cruelty. Though such specification we can nevertheless experience this adjectif as an apparent constant of human existence, what can be proved by pictures and portrayals of war.
In the sexual play of modern times the "S" of sadism within the abbreviation "BDSM" means the urge to dominate and the ability to be invested with sane powers to do so.
Note: Take a step back and think about forms of cruelty and pain of our days; just relax and watch your television accurately - so what do you find ?

-SANE- has the exact similiar meaning as you will find in your dictionary: mental health.

-SAFE- this word has become an enormous value out of the ACT-UP movement, that started in the Eighties of the Twentieth Century during the first and very very hard days of the Aids-Crisis.
It is a small, but powerful adjective to declare yourself a responsible and active person, when it comes to have sex. It is you deciding whether you have sex with or without a condom.
Have fun, play safe!
SAFER SEX is still the only useful guideline to protect yourself from getting this or any other sexually transmitted diseases (STDS).

-ACT-UP- was created a powerful slogan to entitle the efforts and the succeeding standards, that where built up by couraged gay activists and artists to face the AIDS-CRISIS; Out of the blue of the disco generation strong requests to redefine and reorganise the sexual way of living were suddenly extremely necessary, while combating this massive change.

-AIDS- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ; I don´t know, if language is a virus, but Aids is definitively based on one.
It is transmitted by having penetrative sex and ejaculation without condom, by swallowing a cumshot and having cuts or open areas in the mouth, letting cum come into eyes or wounds and by sharing sexual playthings, like contaminated (=with fresh blood or fresh cum sprinkled) whips or other penetrative objects, which could be contaminated with infected blood or cum. Especially referring to gay sex, anal penetration without condom is definetely very fatal, since the virus can pass on from one body directly to another, what is vital to it, because the virus cannot survive outside the human body. An infection is therefor under such circumstances inevitably happening.
Desinfection is anyway reasonable and is also keeping you from passing on other diseases.
But this knowledge is on the other hand increasing your possible range of action and of protection and also of sexual satisfaction.
All forms of bloodtransmission, prenatal infection and the sharing of needles possibilties to get the HIV- virus, that is then promoting the disease called AIDS.
Lat but not least: Don´t shy away from consulting your physician or your local queer centre!

-HIV- Human Immune Virus, before you experience the Syndrome of AIDS, which means a wide spread range of symptoms, that are finally lethal. AIDS has to invade your body with its starting virus.
In the Nineties the gay scene had recovered from the former shock of an incalculable threat.
Life became pleasing again and all the opportunities to have joyful sex have been gratefully sounded.
Interim the state has become better, yet it is making a full turn again to make us perceive a wider conception: Where are we heading to at all?
It is necessary to go for new role and dependency models, which are also including information and intelligence concerning the AIDS-agenda.

-BAREBACKING- means sex without condom, what does not just make the already given explanations extremely fundamental, but can be a two way tragedy especially for younger and maybe emotionally inexperienced guys. Since the actual state of being able to treat, but not being able to cure HIV could all of a sudden, but avoidable end a young gun´s chances to have joyful and satisfying sex with other more caring men.
Gay guys, who are finding out difficulties like a missing erection, which is dramatizing the wearing of a condom, should try to be wise and to talk about it, hone their erotic talents or consider medication.
However you are going to come to your decisions about this issue within your partnership, make yourself aware of the risks and balance the reasons and their possible irreversibilty thoroughly.
--> "rEMeBRAnCE of affection"/ "He Is There Now."

-HIT HARD AND HEAVY- does in this context not mean to beat someone up, but is one out of different medical ways to deal with AIDS by taking strong medicine to fight it.
Still there is no cure for AIDS, the pills and drugs to counterbalance it are no fun to take, because of their high potential.
Some of them can also be subscribed, when someone finds out to probably be recently infected with the HI- Virus to then debar it in a very early state from further reproduction.
So whenever you feel insecure, or threatened about what happened last night, go and see an accident and emergency department immediately - best within 24 hours! The stuff there can help you in any case and you can also go for their responsibility.
Only then, there will be real chances for you to get off lightly.

-CONSENSUAL- again a word, that is used here in its original meaning: The ones, who share sex together are by law equal partners and should therfor be informed and agreed about, what is going to happen. Even when they go to erotic extremes, or to various roles during their sexual play, their social and on the human rights based integrity stays untouchable and is at all times to be respected.

-SAFEWORD- is a word to stop all kinds of sexual action during SM-play respectively to slow them immensely down. Not only in leather circus the existence of such a word has a big relevancy, but in all forms of partnership there should be some possible break to obtain equality, health and sanity.
But morals often tend to forget about such asking for.
Chose a word you like to hear, when screamed out, or to be whispered in real terms, if needed.
Do reflect about what you do - thinking does on some level not interfere or disturb sex - maybe it is the way of your thinking patterns which needs to be tought over.
Don´t keep yourself away from that. Words and thoughts are important to emotions and actions and can moreover heat up your sexual desire.

-RITUALS- are repeating behaviours or actions, that make you feel comfortable and cosy with your mate or the whole situation.
I like to light a red candle before starting sexual dominat - submissive play.
The flicker of the flame gives me a lot of security and confidence in what I then start to do.

-SUBMISSION- is the other side to DOMINANCE. Whover wants to get down to make the performace of a dominat person work, is coming out submissive to put aside his other wishes to let his self go.

-CONTROL - does not only say something about the influence that a dominant person has on a submissive human being, but is also an important ingrediant and basic substance to make the whole play work. Both, or all the involved partners are called up to keep a very clear eye on their performance.
Especially in the coming together of dominant and submissive persons these matters of dominance and submission can suddenly evoke new or yet unexperienced happenings, for subconscious emotions can begin to rule the drama. On the dominat side a too hard will and on the submissive side a too insisting provocation can lead to some - hopefully interesting - trouble.
If such thing should occur the best way to cope with it is to really take your time, until some useful horizon opens up to show you a possible way to go on then.
I personally deal with it in either keeping very cool, or by just screaming the shit out.
Try to figure out the often controversal aspects of your self to some extent, so that over the years your self-knowledge increases and your very personal feelings do not become a hidden and unbearable burden.
Last but not least: Listen to the socalled housetrack "Control" of Tracy Lords, for she has something to sing about this subject.

-DOM, TOP or MASTER- other words for a dominant person;

-SUB, BOTTOM or SLAVE- other words for a submissive person;

-MASOCHISM- again an old and handed over word originating from the Austrian Baron Sacher - Masoch, who lived out his needs of being humiliated and sexually ignored in the Nineteenth Century.
Again this word was used to explain a psychic disorder, which means the unability to get in charge of what is going on in ones own life, because of having a far to large personal interest in being put down or hurt. Today in the field of SM masochism stands for the charms of giving one self over to the sexual demonstrations of another person.

-SM- another grammatical shortcut for Sadomasochism; Within this combination of the two words sadism and masochism the fact is spoken out, that these inclinations are, besides their being at hand while having a sadomasochistic relationship or concupiscence, are at the same time parts of each involved personality.
Who knows, what kind of sadistic fantasies made him prepared for his masochistic turn;
Or that someone´s efforts to be a nice person can cover up a sadistic twist.
To say it very clear: sadism and masochism do exist in each one of us
by our definition, by simply being human beings.
SM is basically a manifestation of the ways of the world too, which is often involving us in secret psychological games. On a level of perceiving clearly these facts SM can be freedom and lust.

-SWITCH- expresses exactly this possibility of exchange, so that one is able to be at a time dominant and at another time submissive; This is especially hot, when you want to explore your feelings, or when you are in the mood to either make or let it happen.
(quod vide ->"24062004")

-HANKY-CODE /COLORS- is a way to signalize your preferences by wearing a colored hankerchief, also called bandana, which can be important when you like to go on an anonymous hunt for flesh for your fantasy.
Please take notice of the left/active - right/passive convention, what is demonstrated by wearing the hanky in either the left or the right pocket. For this indication you can also wrap it around one of your arms or around your neck, if you want to expresses that you are not going to commit yourself to a role.

Black is never wrong, since it represents all kinds of SM, but keep an eye on you, for it also represents paingames and whipping!
I like it most in combination with hot red, what means flagellation and the emotionally demanding side of SM. Red can also be used to signalise fistfucking.
Besides yellow - pissful play and brown for serious interest in the sugar plums from your ass, I found a lot of various and meaningful colors:
soft pink - anal toys
orange - (L) anything anytime / (R) nothing now
dark blue - fucking
(you find a detailed list online at the "deviants´dictionary/ hanky code";)

In cases of total uncertainty please just ask your vis-á-vis for correct interpretation.

-PERVERT- a word nowadays used with proud to present one´s own strange and erotic longings. In the past it was a part of the psychiatric vocabulary based on Sigmund Freuds theories, that should mean extraordinary and dangerous sexual wishes, which were seen as a menace to social morals of that time. Today SM has a lot to do with the realisation of a practacable and good ability to deal with sexual extravaganzes; It is in fact a pleasing way to live out your dreams. Mankind itself has to face a lot of changes in many ways, thus enough is said with pointing at the fact, that sexuality will change a lot in the future too and is already transforming constantly in our present time, what we all can easily confirm by looking at our very own lives.

-FETISH- is expressing strong erotic and sexual attraction one feels by handling special objects, or wearing certain clothes. Fashion is in general a very wide spread fetish, for we demonstrate in the act of wearing a garment a status, that turns on our fantasies of control and therefore of sexual might.
Today in the festish and leather scene it also describes the act of preparing and getting ready for the floor show.

-CAT O´NINE TAILS- is a special whip, which has more than one tail to ease the pain. I just picked it as a representative for the tons of playthings, which can be inaugurated to serve as suitable tools for lust.

-COMING-OUT- everyone should have one; It means the process, act, or date of personal gay liberation and declaration of male homosexuality. Moreover in this context it stands for the process, act or date, which made you a slave or a master to the leather score.

-PRIDE- again a worldwide used, English word with a variety of meanings, for it can stand for proudness, hauteur, ego or elation, which express various shades to me.
In German there are some nouns to make a difference between pride and ego or proudness or hauteur;
So I found the German word "Selbstgefühl" among the translation list, which can be compared to the English word for self-awareness.
It is of high value to feel one´s own self, to be aware of it , to respect its individuality and its being part of the whole creation aswell to express and to show it, not only to oneself, but also in public.
There are different compositions like GAY-PRIDE or LEATHER-PRIDE, which are big and public meetings of the gay or the leather scene to come together. This happens mostly once a year to hook up at least then with other gays or leatherfans and to celebrate being a community within the society, which is basically consisting on communities and to show acceptance and thankfulness and to tribute to both of them and to reproach them with a mirror and a brickbat.
Generally speaking, I think that the Austrian society has immensely benefited of the gay liberation- movement, because it gave to it within the "RAINBOWPARADE" a place to simply let all of the pressure go and to present themselves a little more fruity.

-RAINBOW-FLAG / BDSM-FLAG- both have been invented my inspired men - Gilber Baker 1978 and Tony DeBlase 1989 - in acts of good and well placed ideas.
The rainbow-flag looks as its name says a lot like a rainbow and its colours do in this regard have a special denotation: Red stands for life, Orange for health, Yellow for sunshine, Green for nature, Blue for harmony and Violet for spirit;
Turquoise for art and hot pink for sexuality have been removed to make it more practicable and easier to market, what caused, that two very meaningful spheres got lost.
Because of that I want to put my personal interpretation at your hands:
Red for queer passion and gay love, Orange for health & the fighting against AIDS, Yellow for the universal light, Green for life and social and political courage, Blue for art (which is containing harmony as one of its basic principles) and freedom, Violet for spirituality and the altogetherness of mankind in spirit.

The BDSM-FLAG evinces a red heart and stripes of black, blue and a central white one.
In this context for me Red stands for love, Blue for male to male sexuality, Black for SM itself and White for purity.

-DRUGS- why should such a topic be discussed here, you will perhaps ask yourself now.
Because the consumption of stimulants has something to do with the recent matters of sexual indulgence and they do in fact go together quite frequently.
The English notion “drugstore” makes clear that we are confronted nearly everywhere with various forms of drugs.
The word itself origins from the Dutch word for dried good.
Drugs are within medicine, semi-luxury and even our food.
The body itself works and functions with them.
This shows that on the other side there are many possibilities to fuddle one self with other stuff, which doesn’t override you in worst case with taking the high risk to be severely and inevitably punished.
Therefore you should definitively disconnect lust from chemical availability.
Ultimately I think that even alcohol should only be consumed in little amounts, especially during SM-sessions, for all intoxication of the blood inhibits the true emotional adventure.
Keep in mind that drugs are in many cases taken to come clean with trouble or mixed moods; It would be of greater effect to receive interlocutions and conquer the personal angst of more openness.

-LOVE- so have you ever heard of that ? Even if some people should tend to think that BDSM afflicted persons do not feel strong emotions of caring and of affection for their partners or playmates it is just the complete other way round.
The human behaviour to hate and to disregard is from my personal point of view by nothing else more challenged, than it is by the practice of SM.

-LEATHER- everyone knows it; For the Leather scene, which is a part of the SM-, the Kinky- and the Fetish-scenes and vice versa, it is belief: Like it, or smell it!

-KINKY- is another adjective meaning same things like PERVERT or deviant; I found it also being deep into latex- and rubberfetish.

-CLINIC - do you like plastic and infirmary materials? Clinic games have a lot to do with our ways of civilisation, science, growing up and becoming someone right from the very beginning.

-TRANS- - is a Latin syllable for the English words over or beyond; Concerning sexuality you will find it within words like transsexuality, transvestism or transgression, which can also mean the simultaneous use of different and strictly kept apart cultural fields. All three nouns have an importance to SM; SM is a case of sexual behaviour each one of us can experience. For Transsexual human beings it can be an important step in their transforming. Transvestism can be a part of sadomasochistic role play, or fetish.
Transgression is at all times a topic; Make thus clear before it all begins, where the limits are risen and where they have to be set.
And: If you are in doubt, leave one session out!

-GROUPSEX- whether you decide to live in a one on one relationship, or together with different lovers, or you rather like to have anonymous sex, or frequent such parties with your mate, do not forget that your life can be colourful, so don’t waste your potentialities to enjoy its variety by giving yourself over to unsafe practices.
Talk about your present desires and your possible being afraid of the future.

In particular sex with a group of strangers is able to assume an absorbing quality and fool you to mix it up deep satisfaction, which is thereby mostly happening on an esthetic and clearing level.
It is more likely, that the unstrained eagerness of the attainders is literally unloading, respectively on the other side diverging, what can especially be experienced after such a bacchanal.
Since sex does not only have a connection to life, but also to death, which isn’t principally a fact because of AIDS and not at all exclusively a gay problem, keep in mind that each one of us is bringing his wishes for life and for death especially to sex.
These are mostly working under the surface and they are innately pretty tangled.
What started off as a beautiful, or very horny moment can emerge lateron as an unsustainable situation.
Remark and cherish your desires before you have to secretly quench, which you then have to repress again. Often your personal accepting of your own desires can give you the most important hints for a better and felicitous transformation, which is able to give you at the same time enough room to integrate opposites like responsibility and (sexual) devotion.

-SANE, SAFE AND CONSENSUAL- after you have been reading the above mentioned you can certainly understand and acknowledge, what is meant with these three words:

1.) Play safe! - use condoms to prevent cum from coming into someone´s openings. Desinfect tools, which are afflicted with blood or sperm. Don´t share or consume blood, cum or directly used playthings in any form with others.
Comment: Joyful and felicitous sex is naturally also possible with HIV-positive people. The sooner you inform one another about your sero-status (=HIV-testing result), the opener and more liberated you can deal with the whole situation. You are certainly a loving person, don´t run yourself down nor let others do so. Protect yourself!
Don´t go and infect others! You have at no time any right to act so!
You are only hurting other innocent human beings, who might have been a true help for you.
Try to forgive the one(s), who have passed on the virus to you and please talk to someone and open up to the gay community! The scene needs you, right because it is not perfect.
There are people waiting for you with love, who are not willing to let you down and others, who can do a lot for you with their knowledge!
There has been enough pain, please make a difference!

2.) Stay alert, dont drink too much alcohol or take drugs, which can badly influence your consciousness. Keep up with your emotions, especially if you should suddenly be exposed to overwhelming feelings of fear, rage or ecstacy.
Do not follow or obey extremely strange or frightening orders of people, who you do not know well and who are in the end not worth your trust or your obedience.

3.) Coming together with others for sexual satisfaction has always to be accompanied by a freely given emotional, verbal, legal or formal act of joining in willingly.
Whatever ways of expression you will find to make this possible, make them possible.
This can also be part of an erotic foreplay.

Don´t be ashamed of finding older men sexually fantastic.
Feeling love is no guarantee to be handled sweetly.
Give your delighted and delightful endorsement, if you really mean so.
Even your longtime partner can be surprised, if you forthright tell him to be ready for sex right now.
Be aware and proud of the fact, that from your wonderful eighteenth year of age on you can totally open up your book of sexual mystery and responsibility to begin, to tell and write down your sensual story.

Learn these few but strict rules by heart, by mind and by cock to make sex a joyful and meaningful, never worn out adventure!

All models and persons appearing on fotos or in videos on this site - called CIR - have been joining in this form of homosexual and free creative expression sanely, safely and consensually and were at the date of their appearence in film or foto older than eighteen years of age.
--> "sex statement II"