When looking upon human history we are very busy in presenting ourselves with facts of dates and times, that we all use to settle for normative answers very quickly to just not disrupt any continuity and to avoid incidences of whatever kind of blemish.
We are very fond of reconstructing cultural events of high importance and social developments, that put us into brightest ethic light.
Though these happenings have evidentially occurred and it is of course of some necessity to record them, we have a wide spot of nothingness and a blank field on our historical map, when looking at our sexual and related social behaviour.
When I was a teenanger I was very curious about the Middle Ages and the ancient period of the Egypt civilsation.
I once got a book about this period of mankind focussing on the era of Echnaton, who tried to reform the Egyptian state and its religion.
By describing the whole scenery the author was also telling a lot about the relationships at the
king´s court, which were far different to ours of nowadays.
For example were all forms of relationship allowed except any sexual affair between a mother and her son.
So the Pharaos had several sexual mates, men and women, no matter if they were originating from the same family or not.
Even brothers and sisters could marry.
Maybe this behaviour was related to a high infant-mortality.
They felt no taboo, no shame in making their people survive with all sorts of methods.
Perhaps governmental slavery and domination of that time can be seen likewise in this perspective.

In Rome the highest sexual rule was to be active.
So a Roman civilian could fuck slaves, other Roman men or women, even close connection wasn´t that big issue to keep them from physical togetherness.
E.g.: Caligula loved his sister dearly and sensual.
On the other side it was totally unhip for a man to let himself fuck - or to fuck a dick with his ass - for a Roman civilian this meant social disgrace.

In the beginning medival times Christianity brought up its concentrated myth of marriage, which has always been a topic. Monogamy has been existing ever since, aswell polygamy and both went on hand in hand through the times in varoius shades with other forms of being and living together.
In Rome pater familias had already had an official wife and a direct line to the production of children to make his line proceed into the future.

Paganism and sexual acts with animals had also a great importance in old rites and ancient religions, for animals were often seen to be sacred beings, so it wasn´t such a shame to screw with them.
Aswell there existed antique cultures, that were praying to a feminine highest-spirit and/or gathering within matriarchy.
Middle eastern tradition began to seperate from all that, and lateron Christian philosphy carried that across too, especially throughout its belief of a male god in the centre of its universe, what enhanced martial and missionary fundamentalism.

This became a strong part of religious development as Europe moved parallel to that from polytheism to a personalised monotheism of a holy trinity.
Mankind began to look for some meaning of cleanness and clarity and a concept to explain everything.
It set itself some standards, which were also not always kept that prompt.
There exist portrayals, that medival men and women were living forms of sexual liberation and promiscuity, which are still quite astonishing and may seem strange to us now.
Well, if you need some more information than look at some of Hieronimus Bosch´s paintings, he was at some point painting visions of medival disco-saunas.

So you see that sex wasn´t always violent and primitive, like the well known right of defloration, which was perhaps really used by the caste of landlords and is today often told to get at least some erotic out of history. Nevertheless I guess, that Christianity wanted to establish to some extent a useful order to keep
love and sex away from violence and rape.
Though the church couldn´t keep that promise so well and slaughtered millions of innocent human beings, please don´t forget, that the centre of Christianity is universal love.
Well that didn´t ban me from leaving the Catholic church.
I mean God´s love is here for you and me without any tax or shame or guilt.
You see I am also a very easy going European: After we have exploited the whole world for hundreds of years - and we still do some awkward colonialism today, even Austria, which had besides its properties in Europe only its hands on Franz-Joseph-Land, is building its sovereignty upon getting raw material from somewhere. On that basis Modernism does not seem any longer to have been appearing from nowhere.
Until the the final curtain fell in the Twentieth Century, mankind was struggling because of little information.
We simply didn´t know what to do, because we didn´t know so much at all.
Something that we had perceived as being right today could have been turning out to be totally wrong tomorrow.
Medicine and science were slowly if irreversibly growing.
But their ideas and insights could hardly been interpreted for their own sake, but the more for the wellbeing of a nation and its crown.
So we fast forwarded into the world wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.
During the first one Europe broke down as a politically ruling fact, which was constantly dictating the ways of the whole planet.
And during the second one the whole world wide ethic collapsed.
We were unmasked as human beings.

Nazi role-play can be a part of BDSM, but BDSM was never a part of national-socialism, though sexual cruelty was literally exploding during these years of Mutterkreuz and Heimatliebe.
What went on there was pure and severe actions of violence and murder.
They covered it all up with some kind of ideologic mystic, like colonialism and catholizism did it for their interests. Well this also goes out to other Western and Eastern political concepts.
Apart from that, mankind has been trained to function within such orders.
Empires and religious systems have ever since been mostly that way.
And we are still caught in this psychological trap of illusory truth.

From my point of view Buddhism and the modern version of Greek democracy, which is based on human rights, that were finally emerging out of aristocratic absolutism and revolutionary menslaughter, are the big exceptions and I guess our biggest hopes and guiding stars to those chances, which can help us to open ourselves up to the future.
Imagine a religion without pressure and scorn, imagine a world without discrimination and hatred.
A cosmos stepping beyond the categories of the good and the evil.

BDSM can be a method to unscramble the chaos of mixed up thoughts and emotions, which are never coming to a rest, but always forced to stay agitated, mindless and heartless.
Do you already feel the difference a little now?
Me and you, we are creating this world. Of course we are all living under certain influences and other person´s decisions (-> "The Nature Of Love"), but from some day on we are all adults, grown up to live our very own lives.
If you should nevertheless feel under pressure or uncertainty, because of some things, that have been happening in your past or that are currently going on, dont hesitate to reach out for some broader understanding, so that you can figure out, what has been probably done to you and how you are able to walk your personal way of overcoming bad experiences, which are holding you otherwise down and away from achieving what is truly important to you.

No one gets away easily. We all have been hurt, or neglected in one or another way.
Share your memories of shipwrecking with your partner, your friends, your collegues, your counselor or psychotherapist, aswell you share your happy feelings and your stories of success.
BDSM can be a help to open up. Since it goes for all the tales stored and enwombed in our minds, it is bringing them to life, to a very exciting game ad to higher awareness.
At this point I want to mention the quite famous movie "Il portiere di notte" of Liliana Cavani, presented in 1974 and which was a big shock and scandal to the public audience.
Cinema was in the Seventies highly inspired by making up the closet of history and it expressed its artistic ideas in different ways, than it was ever possible before.
Many of the directors of that era were exposing themselves and the actors to the limits of everyday life to put them right into the hurricane of the social drama.

You will find an assortment of movies according to this theme listed at the end of this article.
SM may be seen as a final fullstop within total decadence and in a way it really is, but nevertheless it is the complete other way round, than you might expect it:
We have naturally, spiritually and socially developed into the centre of being a life form on a planet in an outer-space, called human race on a lightly flattened, spinning and rotating globe called Earth within a range, that we entitle as Universe.
So what?
We are just beginning.
This is the stage, we are the protagonists and our lives are the play.
Like Lotti Huber said to her friend and manager Michelle, who reported that story in a documentary of Rosa von Praunheim, "Bewege dich, erfülle deinen Raum. Das All ist dein Platz." ("Move, accomplish your room. The universe is your place.")
BDSM can be a place to let such energy come to motion and get into a flow of action and of transformation, aswell sensual pleasure-pain and orgasm.
This is the S. and the M. of it all.

Provocation and letting go. Action and rest. Power and room. Performance and the creation of new ideas.
The togetherness and the interaction is of course highly erotic, but it does not always have to be finished or rewarded with a physical climax and the shooting of cum loads.
Also BDSM is definitely not that designed and hard-nosed, like our aesthetic torpidity and the porn way of non-speaking by only using swear-words and odd dirty pronounciations may let us feel and think about it.
This is simply stupid and not true. Thus it doesn´t wonder, that people become erotically spiritless, since they begin to perceive sex as something cheap and unsavory. Both manners are pushing this kind of psychosexual escalation on. Again this is something we have become very used to.

Of course you can call your lad names if you like to, but the queer erotic of gay BDSM needs furthermore other means to hand down its erotic to an audience.
Otherwise it doesn´t make you feel more confident with what you do, for it does only make you feel dirty and trashy.
This can be a BDSM-show-down effect, but it is not substantial BDSM at all.
Aswell gay porn of such kind is neither representative for the gay BDSM - nor for the queer sex-scene - though you could be fooled to think so. In the best case you get sensually entangled into the director´s personal desires and fantasies, in worst case you were tricked to buy it.

Think about that.
(-> "sex statement I & II")
And let your own scripts begin to rule the scene again.
Like it was happening in the beginning of mass porn production.
There are also some skin-flicks specified on the following index.
Free love! Liberate your love and your sexuality! Again.
Like the hippie-movement brought up possibilities of wider sexual liberation, that made it possible for the queer folks all over the world to finally participate in the whole world and give its very own contribution to it, we can now make full use of this freedom.
It may be scaring and swamping, but, thank god, it is here for us!
So we all can chose, when taking into account our current world wide situation - perhaps not de facto, but de lege - how our lives should be and we are able to do our best to make this vision become reality.
We are still going for that, this dream hasn´t vanished, it is still some work left to do.

BDSM can be a lifestyle, a rescue to relax, a refuelling stop, a sign on your road to freedom, or it can also be a way to just travel along for some good reason.
Like you have parents by the fact of your being here, you have been coming from somewhere. Out of some part of history you have emerged, so you are living your life on this planet now and walking along your path into your future and the futurity of this world and you are making steps and therefore you are describing the ongoing of human history.
On one side we are constantly projecting our hopes and fears onto this planet, onto other human beings and onto our ideas of Heaven.
That is the way it is.
And - on the other hand - we have the chance to really explore this world, get to know ourselves and we can be able to experience this cosmos we are living in beyond everything, that we have ever seen before.
This is another way, that also does exist.
Will we be able to make a good deal between our fundamental wishes and our possibilities for getting into contact with something or somebody else, that can both set us profoundly free?
BDSM can be a messenger, a divine, a very tender and a very carnal adjuster, teacher, servant, master and slave.
(-> "24062004")
To be continued ...

There are certainly tons of tons of interesting films, so I picked several out of them, which I personally found to be representative for a whole genre standing behind them, that has also nurtured them. We all get inspired by events, that have been taking place and aswell by pieces of art. Filmmaking and the sale of movies have tremendously conquered the scene to make us shiver, laugh, feel, think and consume art and the fastly developing lifestyle of our days, what altogether can be a complex and difficult contradiction too.
P.S.: I do very much recommend "wikipedia" - the online encyclopedia, which is fabulously up to date concerning the art-history of the cinema of avantgarde and special interest.

Register of movies
(year/ title/ name of director)

1969/ Satyricon / Federico Fellini
1980/ Foxes (Jeanie´s Clique) / Adrian Lyne
1994/ Priscilla - Queen of the desert / Stephan Elliott
1995/ Copykill / Jon Amiel
1982/ The Living Dead Girl (Lady Dracula) / Jean Rollin
1974/ Up! / Russ Meyer
1999/ Teaching Mrs.Tingle / Kevin Williamson
1996/ Crash / David Cronenberg
1961/ Infam / William Wyler
2004/ La mala educación (Schlechte Erziehung) / Pedro Almodovar
2001/ Mullholland Drive (- Strasse der Finsternis) / David Lynch
1977/ Saturday Night Fever / John Badham
1987/ Anita -Tänze des Lasters / Rosa von Praunheim
2005/ Gay Sex In The Seventies / Joseph Lovett
1968/ Night Of The Living Dead / George A. Romero
1978/ Die Augen der Laura Mars (Eyes of Laura Mars) / Irvin Kershner
1999/ Memento Mori / Kim Tae-Yong, Min Kyu-Dong
2002/ Lust / Everett Lewis
1978/ Brigade Mondaine (Vice Squad) / Gerard de Villiers presente, réalisé par Jaques Scandelari
2005/ Lovesick / Lewis Cohen
1995/ Stonewall / Nigel Finch
1988/ Das Kuckucksei (Torch Song Trilogy) / Harvey Fierstein
1992/ Terence Higgins Trust-Safer Sex Guidelines for Gay Men
1990/ Porno ´90 / Safer Sex Porno der DAH (Deutsche Aids Hilfe)
1996/ Bound / Andi and Larry Wachowski
1961/ Das Urteil von Nürnberg (Judgment at Nuremberg) / Stanley Kramer
1965/ Repulsion (Ekel) / Roman Polanski
1983/ Begierde (The Hunger) / Tony Scott
1976/ Carrie/ Brian de Palma
1991/ People Under The Stairs/ Wes Craven
1968/ Yellow Submarine/ George Dunning
1998/ Studio 54/ Mark Christopher
2000/ Marlene / J.Vilsmaier
1999/ Stir of Echoes (Echoes-Stimmen aus der Zwischenwelt) / David Koepp
1999/ Eyes Wide Shut / Stanley Kubrick
1972/ Cabaret / Bob Fosse
1974/ Il portiere di notte (Der Nachtportier) / Liliana Cavani
1985/ An early frost (Früher Frost-Ein Fall von Aids) / John Erman
2003/ Die Manns / Heinrich Breloer
1970/ Woodstock-The director´s cut / Michael Wadleigh
2005/ The Nomi Song / Andrew Horn
2006/ That Man: Peter Berlin / Jim Tushinski
1982/ Cat People (Katzenmenschen) / Paul Schrader
1987/ Walter Bockmayer´s Geierwally / Walter Bockmayer
1984/ Wiener Brut / Hans Fädler
1927/ Metropolis / Fritz Lang
1993/ Aura aka Trauma / Dario Argento
1971/ Pink Narcissus / James Bidgood
1971/ Vampire Circus (Zirkus der Vampire) / Robert Young
1989/ Meet The Feebles / Peter Jackson
1954,1966 / Inauguration of the pleasure dome / Kenneth Anger
1989-1996/ Tales From The Crypt (Geschichten aus der Gruft) / Various directors
1974/ Faustrecht der Freiheit / Rainer Werner Fassbinder
1995/ Der Totmacher / Romuald Karmaker
1989/ Coming out / Heiner Carow
1988/89/ Lydia Lunch-The Gun Is Loaded / Merrill Aldighieri, Joe Tripician
1979/ Caligula / Tinto Brass
1992/ Mandriven / Falcon Video Pac 76
1981/ Christiane F.- Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo / Ulrich Edel
1998/ Studio 54 / Marc Christopher
1943/ Meshes of the afternoon / Maya Deren
1962/ Das Schweigen / Ingmar Bergman
1984/ Stop Surprise / Jean Daniel Cadinot
Man´s Best LB 5003 / Dominant, Hard / Mr.Strong
1963/ Die Drei Gesichter Der Furcht / Mario Bava
1983/ Krull / Peter Yates
1996/ Swan Lake / Matthew Bourne, Peter Mumford
2001/ American Psycho / Mary Harron
1989/ The Massacre / Andrea Bianchi
1988/ Poltergeist III: The Final Chapter (Poltergeist III: Die dunkle Seite des Bösen) /Gary Sherman
Vivid Men, Devotion 70004 / Sodom / Michael Zen
1979/ Hair / Milos Forman
1995/96/ Hustler White / Bruce la Bruce & Rick Castro
Falcon Video Pac 129 / No Way Out / Falcon Studios
1939/ The Wizard Of Oz / Victor Fleming
1972/ Ludwig II / Luchino Visconti
1983/ Hot House / Hand in Hand Films
1956/ Giant (Giganten) / George Stevens
1981/ Black Candles aka Los Ritos Sexuales Del Diablo aka Naked Dreams / José Ramón Larraz (Joseph Braunstein)
1975/ Saló (Die 120 Tage von Sodom) / Pier Paolo Pasolini
2000/ Scary Movie / Keenen Ivory Wayans
1974/ Chainsaw Massacre / Tobe Hooper
1989/ Die Besucher / Philippe Mora
1992/ Love Bites / Marvin Jones
1981/ La cage aux folles 3 - 'Elles' se marient / Edouard Molinaro